Latino Outreach – Todd Phelps becomes a Champion of Republican Latino Outreach by focusing on what Todd has aptly termed “The Democrat war on Latinos”

Latinos indicate to me that they are for secure borders, safe cities and are naturally conservative and do not appreciate the Democrat war on Latino religious freedom and family values that have gone on under the Obama administration where Latino’s have been forced to pay into Obama Care and provide funding to abortion provider Planned Parenthood. This is a direct assault by Democrats against Latino family values and the Catholic Faith. The Democrats should be very afraid of me exposing their agenda and challenging their lies. Once Latino’s realize that democrats only seek to use them and destroy their religious freedom and family values, Latino’s will join the conservative movement in droves. I will continue to recruit and include every American Latino into the Republican Party asking them to become part of our conservative family standing strong on the American values of self reliance, faith in God, family, religious freedom, Judeo – Christian foundations, self- determination and keeping government out of our lives. In short – I will champion these messages and take the messaging fight forward to Washington for an amazing Conservative future in America!