I am against amnesty and sanctuary cities. I do not buy the Democrat/ establishment lie that we should sacrifice border security to appeal to Latinos. Latinos indicate to me that they are for secure borders, safe cities and are naturally conservative and do not appreciate the Democrat war on Latino religious freedom and family values that has gone on under the Obama administration where Latino’s have been forced to pay into Obama Care and provide funding to abortion provider Planned Parenthood. This is a direct assault by Democrats against Latino family values, and the Catholic Faith. The Democrats should be very afraid of me exposing their agenda and challenging their lies. Once Latino’s realize that Democrats only seek to use them and destroy their religious freedom and family values, Latino’s will join the conservative movement in droves. In short – I will champion these messages and take the messaging fight forward to Washington for an amazing Conservative future in America!

I am appealing to American Latino voters and bringing them in to the Republican party while never buying the Democrat lie that we should be weak on immigration to do this. I stand against any amnesty for illegals ever. I am against sanctuary cities. Both amnesty and sanctuary cities cause danger, death and peril for illegals who risk life and limb to enter illegally via human traffickers in search of said amnesty or “sanctuary”. I never again want to see the type of horrific tragedy that occurred at the hands of a human trafficker when so many people died smothering to death in the back of tractor trailer in Victoria Texas. Precious souls lost risking their lives in hope of a Democrat dangled amnesty carrot. Amnesties and sanctuary cities also allow criminals from Mexico and elsewhere to murder Americans while proliferating crime, drugs and violence.

Nothing is sadder than the death of Kate Steinle due to the grotesque sanctuary city policy that encouraged and embraced her illegal killer to be in our country at the invitation of the San Francisco city council member’s policy, many can convincingly argue that her blood is on their hands. Forgiveness should only be offered them by the citizens of America if and when they abandon their insane sanctuary city policy.

I am for prosecution/criminalization of illegal aliens along with deportation. I am proposing a fully man-monitored secure border. An actual difficult to penetrate border because it is comprised of a close proximity human monitoring presence along the rural border as well as including a wall component built along the urban areas with an additional American human presence supporting surveillance of illegals attempting to breach the wall. This is the safest, most humane and compassionate policy for all people, American and Illegal. Once we begin to prosecute and deport illegals the rest will head back home on their own, people will respect our American laws once again and lives will be saved on both sides.